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About Curse Breaker Apparel, Co.

Curse Breaker Apparel, Co. was founded by Tonita Smith who is the mother of 3 sons and a retired U.S. Army Veteran/Nurse. With a deep commitment to inspiring and  motivating  individuals affected by generational curses, Tonita passed down Curse Breaker Apparel to her middle son Anthony Channel, head creator, who along with his wife, retired veteran, Raykel C. will continue to carry forward the mission. Our goal is to empower others to rise up and make a change. The first step is creating a new image that will change the narrative to break negative habits and behaviors that have been passed on from one generation to the next.

Our store offers a  collection of products at affordable prices, and our payment and shipping options are simply unmatched. What are you waiting for? Start shopping online today and find out more about what makes us so special.

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